Matt Wood Represents Chiropractic Group Before Texas Supreme Court In Nerve Case

By Weisbart Springer Hayes

Firm partner Matt Wood represented the Texas Chiropractic Association before the Texas Supreme Court in oral arguments on September 16. The case will help settle the lawful scope of practice for the more than 6,000 chiropractors in Texas. The Texas Chiropractic Association takes the position that the scope of practice includes nerves and related testing. That position is challenged by the Texas Medical Association, which argues that chiropractors are limited to the muscular and skeletal parts of the body.

As reported in Law360, Wood argued that chiropractic care has “always focused on the interaction between joints and nerves” and “taking the nerve component out would be a radical redefinition.” Under questioning from Justice Debra Lehrmann, Wood said that eliminating nerves would be a step into “the great unknown,” putting Texas out of line with every other state and possibly leading to the closing of clinics and relocation of Texas-based chiropractic colleges.

“It was an honor to represent the chiropractors of Texas in such a high-stakes appeal,” says Wood. “The justices asked the right questions and clearly understood the gravity of the case for both chiropractors and their patients. I believe we made a persuasive argument and look forward to receiving the Court’s decision.”

The case is Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners et al. v. Texas Medical Association, No. 18-1223, in the Texas Supreme Court.

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